This is cafefrank..

A cafe on the internet. A cafe where you will not be served coffee, not even tea which I would prefered before coffee. But why then a cafe? Well, one of the main functions of a cafe is to be a meeting place. So cafefrank is a place where you can meet me, Frank.

So how can you meet me here. Since itís on the internet it has to be virtually. The simplest and easiest way you can do it is to read my webpage. I will try to update the page once or twice a week.. I will also keep older news in a corner of the cafe. You can also find pictures on the walls in my cafe.

But a cafe is a place where you meet and not only pop by and see what is going on. So this is an encouragement that you also contribute. The easiest way is to leave a message in my guestbook. I love to read the small messages which you leave there. So please leave more.. If you have other things that you think would be suitable to present in my cafe, please send it to me.

If you have other tips or hints on further development of my virtual cafe, please come with them. Iím yet in my very early stage of html programming, so some hints and ideas could be good.